Help us change the future for Black & LatinX Entrepreneurs!

We all know there is a huge issue when it comes to equity & equality. Which is no different in the Entrepreneur and business field. 

Our goal is to create a platform where Black and LatinX entrepreneurs and creatives don’t need to try to compete against White privilege.

The GroTru platform has been built to fight to overcome the disadvantages that Black & LatinX people face every day. To give them an opportunity to create regenerational wealth, a right that had been stolen from them for so long. 

Unfortunately, GroTru is not registered as a not-for-profit, which means that donations aren’t tax deductible.

If you believe the world could benefit from having a place where Black & LatinX entrepreneurs finally have the advantage, please donate what you can to help take the first step towards a better future! 


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