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You get free unlimited access to search & filter grants, accelerators, investors and software solutions!


Grants can be incredibly hard to find, and it doesn’t help when the websites that list them aren’t user-friendly. Add in the time it takes to actually apply and you’ve basically got yourself another full-time job.

We’ve resolved that issue by having the biggest up-to-date list of open grants for small businesses. We’ve made it easy for you to filter by industry, location, grant size and more.


You no longer need to spend hours every month researching and Googling what accelerators are open, because we have the biggest range on GroTru that you can filter down to match your specific needs. Filter based on industry, location, whether they offer capital investment and many other important factors.


Find an investor that matches your unique business. You can filter the whole list of investors down to those who match your investment stage and industry, so you can send targeted pitches and increase your chance at investment.

Software Solutions

We’ve built an extensive resource library, filled with professional services and tools to help you grow your business. We’ve tried to cover all bases, and where possible try to recommend Black & LatinX service providers in keeping with our mission.  


One of the issues holding back Black & LatinX entrepreneurs from getting business investments is the lack of access to affordable education. We’ve created simple and practical courses that help you build your knowledge and business assets, affordably and quickly. 


All courses offered through GroTru are $49 each, making our platform the most affordable education space specifically for Black & Latinx entrepreneurs. 

Events & Workshops

Join in networking events, workshops, and mixers to meet new friends and learn from our talented hosts. There are multiple events each month, ranging from very nice to broad topics, so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for you!


Events and Workshops range in price, depending on the event. The prices range between free and $30, with most events and workshops falling between the $5-$10 range. 


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