Giving Black & LatinX Entrepreneurs
The Advantage They Deserve

Our Mission

We hate the fact that Black and LatinX founders get less than 2.4% funding, so we set out on a mission to change it. Although we can’t force where investors place their money, we can help entrepreneurs get their business to a point where it is highly attractive to investors. 

By offering education and resources at exceptionally affordable prices, we are able to offer Black & LatinX entrepreneurs the competitive advantage they deserve. To stay true to our mission in levelling out the playing field, our platform is only available to Black & LatinX entrepreneurs. This is in an attempt to offset the disadvantages they have faced in business for centuries. This way they can get a leg up at a fraction of the cost of other business owners, so that they finally have the advantage. 

Our Team

Mecca Perry

Co-Founder, CEO & COO

Ayla Carlin

Co-Founder, CFO & CMO


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