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Search and filter through grants, accelerators, investors, courses, software solutions & other opportunities, all in one platform. 

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Taking your Business from Idea through to Investment


Step 1 - Learn

Learn how to build and run different areas of your business like financial projections & marketing.


Step 2 - Build

Find discounts and solutions for every aspect you need to build your new business.


Step 3 - Network

Find discounts and solutions for every aspect you need to build your new business.


Step 4 - Launch

Find grants to secure your first funding and help you with your initial launch.


Step 5 - Traction

Apply to accelerators to learn how to gain traction and exposure.


Step 6 - Scale

Pitch to investors that match your industry and stage, secure funding and start to scale!

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GroTru has helped me save so much time in growing my business. No matter what stage I’m at or what I’m looking for, GroTru has it all! 

The courses are really helpful for bootstrapping founders. They taught me how to create so many things your business needs to be taken seriously by an investor.

They’ve helped my business grow so much and I’m well on my way to securing my first investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Black or LatinX to use GroTru?

No, you don’t have to be Black or LatinX, but our content is very heavily geared towards navigating the specific hurdles faced by Black & LatinX founders.

Can I expense the courses I take?

Yes! We make it easy for you by automatically sending you a receipt you can use to offset courses as a business expense.

Are all of the resources on GroTru only supporting Black & LatinX?

No. While we do focus on investors, grants, accelerators etc. that are committed to helping the growth of Black & LatinX, we do include others that don’t focus on our community so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Why is GroTru free?

Our goal is to give Black & LatinX founders the advantage they deserve. And for us, that means removing as many paywalls as we can. We earn our income through partnerships and affiliate links, so from big business rather than small business. 

Although we do have to charge for our courses, we’ve kept the pricing so low that learning how to run your business isn’t going to automatically put you out of business.

What business stage gets the most out of GroTru?

GroTru has resources to support your business in every stage from Idea to Investment. We have courses to help you learn how to run and build your business when you’re in the early stages, and investors looking to invest in ventures anywhere between Pre-Seed to Series B. 

Join a community of founders beating the odds.

Less than 2.4% of Black & LatinX businesses secure VC funding.

Because it’s so much easier to start a business these days, competition is fierce and bias is very clearly showing.

Most Black & LatinX founders face three main barriers to entry

  1. Affordable resources to learn about business
  2. A strong network to help them grow
  3. Access to non-biased funding opportunities

That’s why we created GroTru!
To remove these hurdles and help more Black & LatinX founders secure funding by looking in the right places.

We’re very proud to be a part of shaping the industry towards a future where ideas are funded on solely their merit, need and impact!

Mecca Perry

Co-Founder & CEO

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